Things are expensive nowadays. And after you’ve finally landed your dream apartment, perhaps your bank account has been drained from putting down that pesky move-in deposit. No worries though. By utilizing some alternative resources, you can still decorate your space in style. Consider the following –

  • Online Shopping – Online shopping is a viable option for finding less expensive products. Whether it’s eBay, Craigslist, Etsy or any number of other websites, you can find things cheaper on the world-wide-web.
  • Thrift Stores – One’s junk is another’s treasure. You’d be surprised about how many used products of good quality you can find in thrift stores – especially if you’re going for a slightly worn vintage look.
  • Garage Sales – Garage sales are another good way to take someone else’s junk and make it your treasure. Just like the above-mentioned idea, you’d be surprised regarding what you can find.
  • Painting – While not all landlords will let you paint your apartment, some will as long as you agree to paint it back to the original color when you’re about to vacate. Remember to ask your landlord if it’s okay before you do so, however. A fresh layer of paint can liven up your apartment’s atmosphere significantly while celebrating your style.
  • Open Storage – Floating wall shelves and open storage is a pretty affordable way to make an empty apartment seem busier. I know that we’re now in the days where Kindles and e-readers dominate, but actual books always make for a good look. You can achieve open storage in the kitchen area as well by organizing and stacking clean dishes.

By utilizing the above ideas, you can achieve a customized look that not only fits your vision, but also makes your apartment a welcoming area to those who visit. Not only will they be impressed, maybe they’ll also learn from your thriftiness.