Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Real Estate Equities has a 50-year history as an owner and developer of affordable housing, and
this has prepared us in a unique way to lead in today’s current environment where the world is
getting clearer on the importance of creating equitable and inclusionary opportunities for all.
Our Mission of Providing Housing, Building Communities and Enhancing Lives, embodies our
commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. It calls on us to openly welcome all
backgrounds, cultures, and orientations as we provide housing and employment to
approximately 10,000 individuals. Together, we honor the individuality that makes each of us
unique and work as one team in pursuit of shared goals – creating attractive, affordable
We also support and work with other organizations who align with our mission and those
whom value diversity and inclusion as Real Estate Equities does. Some of our most meaningful
partnerships have included the Union Gospel Mission, DARTS Senior Services, as well as the
Best Buy Teen Tech Center. By partnering with these organizations, their programming and
services, Real Estate Equities is making a difference by supporting a mission to educate,
support, employ and care for a very diverse group of people.
We welcome this change, and we welcome you to join us as we have been living these values
for many years.