Apartment Lease-Up and Marketing

Prior to a property lease-up, a comprehensive marketing plan is created. The plan identifies target markets based on geography, psychographics and demographics. It then identifies effective marketing vehicles to reach each targeted market household profile. In addition, it takes into consideration the supply and demand factors and the property’s position in the marketplace. The Marketing Department works hand-in-hand with the onsite staff and Portfolio Director to create timelines, goals, and expectations. Additionally, weekly meetings are conducted to review results and ensure proper marketing, outreach, and advertising is in place that makes the best use of marketing dollars.

Our experience and expertise as an apartment lease-up company allows us to bring the following benefits to every relationship:

  • Customized marketing plans for every asset
  • Consultation of floor plans, amenities, design, unit mix and overall messaging and branding
  • Efficient marketing strategies, resulting in industry-low average cost per lease 
  • Strategic multi‐channel marketing to maximize leads using print ads, online classifieds, ILS’s, physical outreach and corporate outreach
  • 24/7 Call Center – our team fields leasing inquiries and resident services via phone, email and online chat

Another fundamental piece of our ongoing leasing strategy focuses on resident retention. This takes a combined effort of the site staff, Portfolio Director, and overall company philosophy. By involving everyone, from our maintenance techs to our caretakers to on-site managers in customer service training, we provide opportunities to impact and improve the quality of our residents’ lives. Because of our effective efforts in apartment marketing and lease-up strategies, this customer service program has increased our resident retention numbers portfolio-wide to 73.4% in 2021, well above the national average.