Going Green








We only have one Earth. As a company, we believe it is our responsibility to use our resources to make scalable, positive changes. Watch the short video below to learn more about the solar program we offer at some of our communities.



Properties that participate in the Solar Program, are:

Ames Green Apartments | Barclay Terrace Apartments | Columbia Court Townhomes | Crosby Pointe Apartments | Fountain Terrace Apartments | Heritage Hills Apartments | Hazelwood Terrace Apartments | Idaho Ridge Apartments | Lowertown Commons

New Rose Apartments | Parkside Apartments | Pheasant Park Apartments | Rose Hill Apartments | Villa del Coronado Apartments

Plug Into Solar is a subscription service enabling consumers to participate in the Solar Rewards Community Program Run by Xcel Energy produced by participating solar gardens contributes to the overall energy mix that is distributed to all Xcel Energy customers. No renewable energy claims are being made by ourselves, our subscribers, or our solar garden producers.