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Pet-Friendly Apartments in Minnesota

Have an animal, or plan on purchasing one in the near future? Unfortunately, a lot of apartments have rules against pets. Whether it’s because of allergies, apartment hygiene, or the risk of damage, it can be difficult to find animal-friendly housing.

Luckily, we have a wide selection of both dog- and cat-friendly apartments in Minnesota and Indiana! Dogs, cats, and other approved animals are more than welcome in our buildings. With locations all over Minnesota and even Indiana, you’re sure to find the perfect home for you and your pet!

Check out our building listings for animal-friendly apartments around St. Paul, MN; and Columbus, Indiana!

Pet-Friendly Apartments FAQ

What does a pet-friendly apartment mean?

If your apartment says it’s animal friendly, this means the landlord allows you to have pets, but under certain criteria. Some apartments only allow certain pets, some have breed restrictions, some have weight and height restrictions, and some have a limit to how many pets you can have. It’s important to know these things before you move in, or before you decide you want a pet.

How do I make my apartment dog-friendly?

If your landlord has approved the dog you have or want, you can make certain changes in your apartment to make it more dog-friendly. You’ll probably want to move any small or valuable objects from places where they could get into them, like on the lower shelves of a bookcase. You’ll also want to keep any food off the counter if your dog is tall enough to reach, or can jump up. If you have carpet, make sure to invest in some cleaning spray to eliminate odors. Buy your dog toys and a bed so they’ll be comfortable and stay busy. If they don’t have their own toys, they may find other things to play and chew on, such as your shoes!

Do apartments let you have big dogs?

It’s up to your landlord or the property owner to place size restrictions. Some dog-friendly apartments don’t have any restrictions, but others will. Some implement a 60-pound restriction, others have a 100-pound restriction. Make sure you speak to a vet about how big your puppy will get, or about breeds that grow really large. It’s important to know about size restrictions before you bring a new dog into your home.

Do most apartments accept guinea pigs?

Again, this is something that varies between different apartments. In St. Paul’s animal-friendly apartments, it’s more common to see pets like guinea pigs be allowed instead of cats or dogs. Guinea pigs are more appealing to landlords because they’re small, quiet, and won’t threaten to ruin the apartment with accidents or scratches.

Dog and Cat-Friendly Apartment Listings