So you’re looking for a new apartment. But you won’t be moving in alone. Coming along for the experience is your best four-legged friend, whether it be a dog or cat. Whatever the case, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you find an apartment complex where your pet fits in just fine. So what things should you look at? Consider the following –

  • Don’t be Sneaky – Never try to get around paying your pet deposit. Chances are that any damage a pet causes will just cost you more of your initial move-in deposit when it’s time to move out. Just be upfront. Trying to negotiate a smaller pet deposit fee never hurts, especially if you’re dealing with a landlord in charge of a smaller complex.
  •  Search Through Pet-Friendly Apartment Guides – Never just assume that all apartment complexes are animal friendly. And even if they do allow animals, perhaps their pet deposit fees are higher than average. By utilizing an online search that’ll let you look for pet-friendly complexes, you’ll be able to easily find links to complexes that are friendly to your needs.
  •  Is Your Pet Deposit Fair? – Of course you’d like the most affordable pet deposit. When looking at apartments, you may notice that such pricing can differ drastically. Some apartments will allow you to put down a one-time non-refundable pet deposit while other complexes take what may seem like a peskier course of action: Tacking on additional rent on a monthly basis.
  • Assure the Office that Your Pet is Cool – The habits of different pets can vary greatly. While someone else’s dog might chew on everything imaginable, your dog may be calm and collected. Or vice versa! Whatever the case, assure your complex’s office that with proper direction, you can properly control your pet’s behavior.
  • Show Responsibility – As a pet owner, you should be responsible. It’s as simple as that. However, your landlord or prospective landlord isn’t going to automatically believe that you’re a responsible pet owner. It’s up to you to do some convincing. Discuss the specifics of how you take care of your pet, how often you take them out and even how often you clean up after them.
  • Find Pet Areas/Clean Up – When searching for an apartment complex as a pet owner (especially if your pet is a dog), you’ll want to pay close attention to the amount of green space around the complex. Some apartment places even go as far as having designated areas to walk your dog. And if you’re luckier, perhaps you can even find a complex with it’s own small dog park.