Third Party Real Estate Asset Management in Minnesota

Real Estate Equities’ services go beyond what traditional apartment managers do for owners. Because we own buildings, we give the appearance of a sophisticated owner and we bring this acumen to the table during the strategy and design process.

Because of our trusting and collaborative relationships with owners, several clients have requested Real Estate Equities to take over important roles in apartment management. Our expertise in third party asset management allows us to take over more of that responsibility. Examples of this work include:

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive property renovation strategy including renovation of several hundred apartments and complete renovation of the clubhouse
  • Develop and implement a property turnaround strategy from 60% occupancy to 93% occupancy
  • Develop an in-home care solution for senior residents
  • Develop and implement a short-term and long term financial strategy including: origination and placement of bridge financing, long-term financing, signing personal and carve-out guarantees, reserving for long-term capital needs of the property, and managing owner distributions
  • Serving as co-general partner as well as a replacement general partner

Our ability and willingness to work with owners beyond the traditional scope of property and our status as a third party apartment asset management company in St. Paul is something that sets us apart and helps maximize value for owners while saving owners valuable time and resources.