You’ve found your perfect apartment. Not only does the place look great, the landlord is nice and you now live in a convenient part of town, right next to everything you need. After all, these were important factors when you first decided to put down your deposit on the place. But you never expected that right around the corner would be an unruly neighbor: Someone who would disrupt your quality of life at home.

  • Loud Noises – Whether it’s hard partying, barking dogs or footsteps from above, loud noises can interfere with your quality of life, especially when they occur at night. In most cases, your neighbors have no intention of being disruptive. Instead, it’s most likely that they don’t realize how much noise they’re making. Apartment walls can be unusually thin. Insulation may also not be adequate either. And while architectural factors are out of your control, it’s up to you to set your quality of life straight to the best of your ability. You can try using earplugs and white noise machines, but if those aren’t to your liking, you might have to take an additional step.
  • Odors – Some apartments have thin walls, not only letting in noises from next-door, but also odors. While a smoking neighbor may not be violating the complex’s rules, their habit can be enough that they filter in their smoking smell into your living space. Try using air purifiers to address such issues.

Addressing problems if they persist

Approaching Your Neighbor 

Simply talking to your neighbor may be enough. Always be kind and never use threats. Only your landlord should handle that. A threat made by one neighbor to another can only result in rising tensions. After all, this shouldn’t be a confrontation. Rather, make it a cordial chat and if you’re neighbor wants to get confrontational, move on to the next step.

Talking to the Landlord

In most instances, dealing with the issue can be effectively resolved by talking to your landlord. They’ll usually know the best course of action. It’s your landlord’s responsibility to ensure that the complex remains a great place to live.

Calling the Police 

I truly hope you’ll never get to this step as most conflicts can and should be resolved peacefully without the involvement of law enforcement. However, in more extreme cases where all other attempts to fix the problems are exhausted, contacting law enforcement may be an option. In more severe instances where domestic disputes, drug deals and violence occur, calling authorities may be critical in not only keeping you safe, but your neighbors safe as well. However, never go too far. For example, don’t call the cops on your neighbor’s cat that keeps leaving their footprints on your car (Yes, this is a true story). Sure, neighbors can at times be nuisances, but always remember, a fix to the issue is probably a lot easier than it seems at first.