COVID-19 Job Loss Payment Plan

At a time like this, stable housing is more important than ever. We are committed to our renters and especially to find help for those who have lost their jobs. Those renters are especially qualified for assistance and we want to help them make arrangements to pay their rent during these difficult times.

While the states of MN, IN and WI have suspended all evictions due to non-payment until April 30, 2020, you are still responsible for making your monthly rent payment, per the Governor’s orders in each state.

If you have lost your job and cannot make your full monthly rent payment, please help us understand your situation and how we can work together to manage the rental payment obligations.

Please pay as much rent as possible as this will allow us to be more flexible with requested payment arrangements for your neighbors. And of course, we need rents in order to continue to employ our staff and pay all the other costs needed to be able to provide homes for all your neighbors.

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