No matter where you lay your head, Minnesota is a wonderful place to live. It has a strong job market, the cost of living is manageable, and there’s plenty of access to beautiful environments both natural and urban.

While the entire state boasts plenty of benefits, some cities have more than others. If you find yourself wondering what part of Minnesota is the best one to live in, the answer will depend on you.

First, take a look at our list of a few of the most popular Minnesota cities and their main benefits. Then, compare those listed benefits with your own interests, wishes, and priorities to find the best place in Minnesota for you.


Rochester is a stand-out Minnesota city due in most part to the Mayo Clinic’s location there. The population is just over a hundred thousand and the environment is a comfortable mix of urban and suburban. It attracts a lot of diverse young professionals, including those starting families, and rates highly as a place to raise children.

Unique Benefits of Living in Rochester

  • – Rochester has more than 5,125 acres of public lands with 100+ miles of paved trails and 142 individual parks to visit, explore, and enjoy
  • – Fun local places to visit include the Downtown Peace Plaza, Quarry Hill Nature Center, and the History Center of Olmsted County
  • – The Mayo Clinic isn’t just a place to receive world-renowned medical care — it also hosts an art collection that includes work by Andy Warhol, Joan Miro, and others with public tours available weekly
  • – There are a wide variety of housing options to fit the needs of many, from budget-friendly apartments in walkable neighborhoods to hobby farms on large swaths of land

St. Paul

St. Paul earns its title as the state capital of Minnesota by being a beautiful, historical, and unique place to live. It’s one of the oldest cities in the entire state with many historic neighborhoods and landmarks. It’s home to just over 300 thousand individuals that live in spaces ranging from cozy apartments to Summit Avenue mansions.

Unique Benefits of Living in St. Paul

  • – St. Paul has two sports venues: the Xcel Energy Center where the Minnesota Wild plays and Allianz Field where Minnesota United plays
  • – There are multiple unique family-friendly museums within the city, including The Science Museum of Minnesota, Minnesota History Center, Bell Museum, and Minnesota Children’s Museum
  • – Once upon a time, USA Today readers voted St. Paul as the “Best Romantic North American Getaway”

St. Louis Park

St. Louis Park is one of the less obvious inclusions on this list, but it made it on due to its excellent school districts, friendly residents, and great local restaurants and shops.

Unique Benefits of Living in St. Louis Park

  • – If you don’t know what a pannekoeken is, you’re missing out — visit Pannekoeken Huis in St. Louis Park to discover this delicious Dutch-baked treat for yourself
  • The Pavek Museum of Broadcasting is a local hidden gem and home to one of the world’s biggest collections of vintage radio and television equipment
  • – There are plenty of excellent places to sit and grab a brew, including but not limited to the Copperwing Distillery and the Dampfwerk Distillery


Bloomington is the fourth largest city in Minnesota, tucked between the Mississippi River and downtown Minneapolis. It has a population of just under 90,000 residents and has made this list due to its proximity to the airport, high median income, and high-ranking school districts.

Unique Benefits of Living in Bloomington

  • – Bloomington is home to the Mall of America — the largest mall in the United States since its opening in 1992
  • – Easy access to multiple interstates (35W, 494, 169) makes Bloomington an exceptionally convenient place to live if you like to travel or have a job in the metro
  • – The Normandale Japanese Garden is a 2-acre oasis in the middle of the Normandale Community College’s campus that hosts over 300 different plants, shrubs, and trees
  • – Housing options in Bloomington are vast, including accessible family-friendly apartments as well as ready-to-buy new-build homes

Found the best part of Minnesota for you to live in?

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