Explore Columbus: Things to Do & See in Columbus, Indiana

The city of Columbus, Indiana often catches visitors by surprise. If you’ve never heard of it, you might think it’s just another rural Indiana town that’s perfectly nice, but not interesting enough to consider living in. Columbus deserves far more attention than it gets — it manages to balance quaint charm with a sense of… Read more »

How to Live with Roommates: A Survival Guide

Living with others can be harder than it sounds. Even the closest friendships are put to the test when two or more people share a living space. Passive aggressive notes, inconsiderate noise levels and even the direction of the toilet paper roll (let’s be honest, forward is the only acceptable option) can lead to arguments… Read more »

Break the Ice: How to Meet Neighbors in an Apartment

Moving to a new apartment provides more than a new place to live. It’s the opportunity to build new and lasting friendships with your neighbors. Most people have lived in places where they didn’t even know their neighbors’ first names, and needless to say, it’s not as enjoyable as having someone nearby who you get… Read more »