Random Acts of Kindness

Let’s Build a Community of Compassion & Kindness

A home isn’t a home without the ones you love, and now more than ever, we need to come together. We’ll make the first move. Starting on May 1st, we will be drawing 2 winners to receive $25 gift cards, every Friday at noon. How to enter? It’s simple.

1. Did your neighbor, friend, property manager, mailman, etc. do something extra nice on your behalf? Something as simple as lending an extra cup of sugar?

2. Fill out the few pieces of information, below, and submit your entry! That’s it.

3. Each Friday, we’re going to pick one Random Act of Kindness from a hat and send both the person who did the act, but ALSO the person who submitted the entry, a $25 gift card. We’ll reach out if your name is drawn!

P.S. You can submit as many entries as you’d like. If you did something nice for a neighbor, mention this contest to them so they can submit an entry!